The Hemp Club

A co-operative, collective of visionary people who share the belief that HEMP can provide food, fuel, shelter, clothing, jobs and medicine.

If you are growing, processing, manufacturing, building or just getting educated about Industrial Hemp and the many, many benefits of this miracle plant, then you should join  

For only $420 you can be plugged into the right sources of information and experience for farming, processing, building, medicine and much, much more ~ HEMP is back to the future!!

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FARMING: Want to know where to get seeds, licensing and the right pH for your particular soils?

PROCESSING: Need to know the right equipment to process Hemp, dressing, pressing and de-hulling your grain or decortication break-even?

MANUFACTURING: Have an idea for a new Hemp product or you’re already selling Hemp products and want to increase your sales?

BUILDING: Are you a Builder, DIY’er, Architect/Designer, home owner looking for technical help and advice for your Hemp build project?

HEALTH: Do you believe in the healing powers of Hemp? Are you or someone close to you affected by bad health?

Members get discounts off products and services from all our suppliers and professionals in the network but the most valuable resource we offer is the network of experienced hemp-professionals around the world. From every corner of the planet 
THC. is networking. Be connected - join your collective today and save both time and money getting connected to the people actually doing Hemp.

join THC $420

The Hemp Club is about bringing like-minded people together for the highest good of all. Together we are creating unity in Hemp.

At some point in your journey thru life you have contacted Hemp Technologies for advice, assistance or to gather knowledge on Industrial Hemp. Our team is dedicated and passionate about this miracle plant and all it can do for us humans and the planet on which we live. By joining together for a common cause we will achieve much, much more than trying to re-invent the wheel alone. This plant can help so many in so many places on Earth so let’s join together for the common good. Join us.