affordable online tutorials for Hemp

Want to learn about farming Industrial Hemp or building with hemp/lime?

Webinars are a cost effective and carbon neutral way to help people everywhere learn about iHemp, from farming to building to health. We have 3 course options available:
- Farming with Anndrea
- Building with Greg
- EMF Protection with Rob

You will get an hour of professional, experience-based Q&A with Anndrea (agronomy) or Greg (building) or Rob (health). Once you sign up we’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time for your webinar.

Who should attend?

Farmers, Architects, Designers, Builders, Engineers, Owner/Builders, DIY’ers, Home Owners, naturopaths, Homeopaths, anyone suffering with bad health

Cost: $125/hour
(members of The Hemp Club get 20% discount)

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