Industrial Hemp is poised to revolutionise our world. It's legal to grow in New Zealand under license to
Ministry of Health. Hemp produces super-strong fibres, oils, medicines and much, much more…..over 25,000 products! We can create building materials, animal bedding, textiles, herbal and dietary supplements, food, eco-friendly lubricants and even car parts!

Virtually EVERYTHING in your home can be made with Hemp! From walls, flooring, shingles, carpets, drapes, tables, chairs, clothing and bed linens - the fibre, oils and cellulose form this one crop can create all of these things. This is the foundation of truly circular economy. Nothing is wasted. Hemp provides a sustainable, green, ecological means of meeting all our needs and it builds very beautiful homes. Not a difficult idea to understand really.

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The first fully approved hemp home is almost completed and ready for Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) but City Councils around New Zealand are freaked out and paranoid about water so will not give us any more building permits unless we move to "cavity-style" construction. People were building mud huts long before there were building "councils" but to buck the trend has become a very costly and time-consuming exercise. If you are interested in building with Hemp/Lime please be aware that we will recommend only the cavity-wall method at this time, unless you've got a spare $100k laying around to help us with some testing thru BRANZ :)

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Use HempBed for pets, small and large animals. Chemical free, low dust and very high absorbency.

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Hemp Foods
All our hemp oils, seeds cake, protein powders and flours are made to a food grade standard however because of New Zealand/Australia food laws (FSANZ) we can only promote ”animal grade” hemp seed products here……

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